Impression: Module
Impression: Module
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Modules Content

German Studies Russia introduces the role of Germany in the European and in the international context from different perspectives. The GSR-program has an interdisciplinary background and is based on four modules:

1.   The module "politics" embraces:

  • the political System of the Federal Republic of Germany,
  • Germany in the European Union,
  • for an exemplary syllabus please click here.

2.   The module "international relations" contains:

  • Foreign politics of Germany and the EU,
  • for an exemplary syllabus please click here.

3.   The module "economics" is about:

  • the economic System of the Federal Republic of Germany,
  • the German and European economic policy,
  • Germany's economic relations,
  • for an exemplary syllabus please click here.

4.   The module "media" focuses on:

  • the media system of the Federal Republic of Germany,
  • the relationship between media and politics,
  • the relationship between media and international relations,
  • for an exemplary syllabus please click here.

5.   The module "European Union" deals with:

  • the institutions and basic elements of the EU,
  • actual problems and developments inside the
  • Role of Germany and its position,
  • for an exemplary syllabus please click here.

6.   The module "praxis" is about:

  • aplication training
  • 6-week practice


The courses take place in form of seminars and tutorials.
Seminars are held either by German or Russian university teachers and they take place either as

  • block seminars (six days in succession, four hours each day)
  • weekly (one semester, 80 minutes per week).

Tutorials are held by German university graduates. Their supportive intention is to deepen the acquired knowledge from the seminars and they take place every week. In addition, methods of scientific research are also taught. Furthermore, the tutors are the main contact persons for the students: Their tasks are to support the students during the preperation of their scientific concepts and seminar papers as well as in organizational issues.

In all courses innovative teaching methods (E-Learning) will be used. Considerable attention in our program is given to the interaction of students, teachers and tutors. We expect that the students participate in discussions and keep PowerPoint-assisted presentations.

Performance requirements of German Studies Russia are as follows:

  • Regular and active participation in all courses
  • Reading seminar texts
  • Giving presentations
  • Writing research proposals, papers and essays (two proposals of 500 words, two papers and one essay of 3000 words each)
  • A six-week internship (minimum)
  • Writing an internship report